Improving predictability and speeding time to market

TrialPedia™, Indegene’s proprietary clinical trial analytics and decision support platform which hosts an up-to-date repository of clinical trial information with advanced search, data mining, and reporting capabilities. TrialPedia helps clinical operations, brand management, competitive intelligence (CI), and strategic marketing professionals effectively analyze, mine literature and trial data seamlessly, and benchmark Clinical Development Programs (CDPs) of the competitors against a given set of parameters.


TrialPedia with Advantage Insights Service Bureau


Clients can further enhance the value of TrialPedia via Advantage Insights – a service bureau that is designed to enhance the business value of Clinical Trial Analytics and help clients comprehensively research, study, monitor, report, and derive insights from the global clinical trial landscape. In this model, Indegene leverages TrialPedia and its expertise to perform analysis and reporting on behalf of the client. With Advantage Insights, clients can leverage Indegene’s deep research and analytics expertise for all their reporting and analysis needs. This will enable clients to navigate the business environment more effectively and with greater responsiveness.

TrialPedia Features


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