Scientific Services

Building operational medical capacity for more strategic and regulatory/market facing capabilities in global, regional, and local medical affairs teams

Demands for scientific services such as Medical Information and Medical Review are influenced by market and internal triggers, and many clients seek flexible, scalable models that can produce high-quality outputs, while accommodating fluctuating workloads. For more than a decade, Indegene has been providing shared medical services such as medical information document management and medical review for major pharmaceutical clients. Through Indegenes' domain expertise and industry experience, its solutions have resulted in rapid ramp-up time, high “first-time-right” rates, and strong adherence to process and compliance, and geographic footprint and domain expertise enable regional and global deployment.

Indegenes' Suite of Service Offerings


  • Medical Information:

    • Management of medical information query workflows (eg, IRMS)

    • Standard response document management (updating, creating, formatting, and meta tagging)

    • Contact center deployment (project management or deployment of medical information agents)


  • Medical Review:

    • Editorial review

    • Fact checking

    • Medical review for fair balance and appropriate support of claims


  • Content Localization:

    • Simple translation

    • Localization by adapting local regulatory standards and clinical practice nuances

    • Language capabilities extend to the major languages of all key markets, including EU, Southeast Asia, Latin America, China, and the Middle East

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