Integrated. Intelligent.

Indegene’s SampleHQ™ technology platform enables scalable cross-channel and cross-brand sampling, though one integrated and intelligent platform. As field forces have continued to be limited or reduced, there is a decrease in sampling orders generated by HCPs. However, e-sampling through web portals or third parties alone reach only a small segment of potential customers and other channels such as tele, mail, and e-mail are siloed from each other and typically utilize standard offers for all customers.

SampleHQ AllocationCentral™ facilitates simplified management of each customer’s sample allocations for multiple brands/SKUs with time based, channel based, compliance based and other advanced business rules. Sample allocations can then be used up through orders from any inbound or outbound channel all the while maintaining centralized tracking and control at the level of each individual customer. SampleHQ OrderManager™ facilitates the ordering process through field reps, phone reps, or HCP self service digital mechanisms. Sample Request Forms (SRFs) are generated automatically, and data feeds can also be transmitted to and received from downstream sample order validation and fulfillment systems.


Client Benefits


  • Drive sampling volumes with a mix of push and pull multichannel tactics

  • Avoid duplication and impact on field force sampling by integrating across channels

  • Accelerate program launch, manage compliance and drive costs down with cross brand integration

  • SampleHQ
  • 360-multitouch
  • Multichannel-simplified
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