Research Analytics And Insights

Integrated Insights for Better Decisions

Timely, insightful, and actionable business intelligence and analytics are extremely vital for all pharmaceutical market players in an ever-changing business environment with added competitive pressure, shrinking pipelines, new market dynamics, and changing stakeholders. It provides continuous support through competitive intelligence, market research, and business analytics across multiple therapy areas to support strategic decisions. Indegenes solutions are driven by the unique and powerful combination of domain expertise, processes, platforms, tools, and skilled teams comprising MBBS, BDS, PhDs, etc. with experiences in multiple therapy areas and large-scale analytics that allows to effectively monitor the market and provide appropriate alerts and actionable insights. Indegene's ability to work through different engagement models such as centers of excellence, extended enterprise engagements, and consultation- and FTE-based models along with established platforms and methodologies allows efficient interactions with clients


Client Benefits


  • Global footprint; resource flexibility; and cost-effective solutions, tools, and frameworks

  • Continuous monitoring to provide strategic and actionable insights

  • Applying output- and evidence-driven “outside-in” commercial models focused on stakeholder needs (physician, patients,and payers)

  • Multichannel analytics using complex and multidimensional data, models, and decisions

  • Access to Indegene’s significant intellectual property (IP) in areas such as new commercial models, forecasting, promotional mix optimization model, and clinical analytics

  • Analyzing the importance of emerging markets through data paucity and local market knowledge required for decision making

  • Flexible engagement models to provide continuous intelligence and actionable insights

  • Tailor-made solutions to cater to complex business needs

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Competitive Intelligence

Indegene's competitive intelligence capability focuses on helping clients understand the current and emerging competition across therapy areas, closely monitors the dynamics of the pharmaceutical market, and helps clients make strategic decisions. LEARN MORE.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Through Indegene's health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) services, we assist clients in generating evidence to differentiate client products for better market access and value proposition. LEARN MORE.

Information and Knowledge Services

Indegene offers information and knowledge services to enable clients access detailed information through user-friendly databases and reports.


Data Analytics and Forecasting

Indegene's data analytics solutions are catered towards formulating new strategies and forecasts for pipeline and marketed products.


Multichannel Marketing Analytics

Through Indegene's multichannel marketing (MCM) analytics services, they formulate market mix models to help clients optimize and position their MCM initiatives. LEARN MORE.