Simplified Multichannel Data and Performance Management

Indegene’s Phynyx™ suite of customer engagement technologies provides a data and performance driven backbone to enable multichannel interactions between HCPs and biopharmaceutical sales, marketing, service, as well as medical functions. Communications using digital channels such as e-mail, e-details, web/mobile, and messaging have exploded in recent years. While many technologies are available to setup and orchestrate and these campaigns, integrating data from all interactions consistently is usually complex requiring complicated technology interventions, data cleansing effort, and ongoing resources. In addition, the value of performance management beyond just data aggregation is rarely realized causing potentially wasted spends and unclear returns from various channels.

Phynyx DataCentral™ is deployed by organizations to simplify aggregation of interaction data from any number of HCP communication channels delivered by any insourced or outsourced infrastructures. Phynyx DataCentral™ also makes interaction data available back to the infrastructures for their own use in campaign orchestration, personalization of touch points and content, and many other purposes such as campaign reporting. Phynyx PerformanceManager™ enables the use of a consistent “waterfall” taxonomy of performance measures to analyze the data for performance of any customer groups or channels, to derive deeper analytical insights, and ultimately to facilitate decision making on optimization of channel mix.

Phynyx™ technologies are used to support non personal digital campaigns developed by Indegene or other providers/agencies for desktop or mobile devices. Campaigns can incorporate e-mails, self directed e-details, mobile informational apps, video content such as MOA or KOL videos, e-Congresses, closed group social media, e-books, and digital service requests e.g. medical journal reprint requests. Phynyx™ technologies are also being used to deploy rep centered multichannel (RCM) models where the pharmaceutical sales or medical reps can effectively drive and track non personal or remote interactions with HCPs. Such models enable field reps in both sales as well medical functions to become more productive while successfully expanding customer relationships in markets where HCP access and coverage is challenging.

Client Benefits


  • Engage HCPs live at the time and device convenient to them

  • Generate average interaction times of 8-10 minutes

  • Manage all workflow involved in planning, execution, and closure of remote engagements

  • Share approved content through a controlled environment

  • Track and audit all data 

  • Provide a quick, rich and live experience to HCPs in 40+ countries across the globe

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