Patient Enablement Solutions

Scientific and Technical Expertise Combined for Better Health

Non-adherence affects three major constituents - patients, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the healthcare system. Patients have a reduced quality of life, shorter life spans and higher long-term health costs. Pharmaceutical companies for go potential revenues worth billions of dollars, especially for medications used in chronic diseases. As a result, the entire health care system is burdened by increased healthcare costs, including increased hospitalization rates and physician consultation.

The recent focus on patient engagement acknowledges the importance of the role the patients play in their own health care. This includes reading, understanding, and acting on health information (health literacy); working together with clinicians to select appropriate treatments or management options (shared decision making); and providing feedback on health care processes and outcomes (quality improvement).  

Indegene offers comprehensive patient engagement solutions that leverage world-class virtual, 3D learning and education environments; customized patient portals, social media engagement, health apps; and specialized tools to inform, educate, and influence patients. In addition, we leverage a comprehensive multi-channel communication approach that combines e-mail, text, contact center, web, and print to intuitively promote patient loyalty, improve healthcare decision making, lower costs, and enhance customer experience.

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Professional Services targeted at the pharma industry

Physician and patient support programs directed to better drug adherence and compliance. Indegene’s service delivery models cater to the individual patient and physician management needs. Regular feedback from the market serve the dual purpose of market penetration and product acceptance. Adverse event reporting data is also furnished on demand. Indegene’s robust expertise drives to connect the end users with the drug makers

Therapeutic Area/Brand Management

Patient data maintenance using Indegene’s proprietary platform—Optimax™

Optimax™ is one of a kind CRM tool designed to cater to the needs of pharma companies

Multichannel PSPs

Reaching out in various ways

  • Call Centers

  • Field Support

  • Mobile Applications

  • E-mail Support

  • SMS Integration

Offshore and onsite delivery models

Service delivery centers in India, China, and the United States


  • Engaging patients through different channels - call/face to face, SMS, email or education booklets

  • Counselling by patient care advisor/executive to initiate a therapy as prescribed by physician

  •  Tips on exercise, diet, reminders about doctor visits/ appointments through SMS

  • Email services and toll-free numbers for addressing patients queries and concerns

  • Education booklets providing information on the disease, treatment, diet and exercise regiment

  • Drug Promotions encouraged using multi-channel marketing strategies by providing physician access to websites and e-learning modules

  • Patient care advisors/medical engagement associates hold the thread for patient adherence to a brand through Patient Support Programs

  • Medical Contact Centre aims at continuous patient and physician engagement through various channels.

  • Continuous patient engagement achieved through reaching out to patients via call, face to face interactions, SMS or email service. This helps in generating awareness about therapy and treatment among patients and also encourage patient adherence

  • Website helps physicians get access s to journals, e-books, CMEs and opportunity to discuss with KOLs

  • E-learning modules encourages physician to go through various web-based trainings relevant to their area of specialty

Adverse event handling involves identifying, reporting and reconciling on a periodic basis. The goal of handling adverse event includes collection and reporting requirements to the authorized entity. It also involves quality control activities monitoring regular and timely reporting of adverse events

  • Includes educational booklets, diet counseling, reminder calls on repurchase or doctor visits and SMS. Patients are counseled in person and over phone

  • Inputs are provided relevant to therapy such as BP monitoring kits, glucometers, pedometers etc