Digital Production

Running creative on digital seamlessly

Indegene is a strong multimedia partner to top pharmaceutical companies in providing end-to-end digital solutions. Leverage Indegene’s robust technology capabilities that allow integration and distribution of creative content across various digital channels seamlessly and efficiently. Indegene’s digital delivery experience spans from development of creative digital content for HCP engagement web portals, patient education Web sites to sales rep training communications.

Indegene Digital Production Solutions Encompass


  • Digital Communications

    • E-mailers

    • Newsletters

  • Digital Brand Campaigns

  • Digital Training Solutions

    • Virtual academy platforms

    • E-modules

    • Sales rep training portals

    • Disease education portals

    • 2D/3D disease MOA videos

Client Benefits


  • Refresh creative content quickly with our digital expertise

  • Convert traditional and print collaterals to digital quickly

  • Distribute digital content seamlessly and quickly across multiple devices

  • Leverage our ability to integrate with all leading CLM platforms

  • Leverage Indegene expertise and experience CLM practices


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  • CPS_RHS Ad5_Ver1.01
  • Mobile-Centric
  • Responsive-Design
  • Ensuring-brand-consistency
  • 24-7-productivity
  • Global-Reach
  • Scale-Production (2)