Accelerate Brand Performance

Powerful solutions to drive mind and market share

Indegene partners with pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to accelerate the performance of a brand in different stages of its lifecycle. Indegene’s rich expertise facilitates multiple stakeholder engagement opportunities that aid in development of offerings customized to individual product needs. A rich understanding of the different stakeholders across multiple geographies from the healthcare Industry and an ability to drive the right messaging for the right audience distinguish Indegene from others.

Indegene has over in-house 500+ experienced medical writers who understand the science behind the product and work along with the creative team to build communication that is driven by science for different therapy areas.

Companies leverage Indegene’s ability to provide innovative physician engagement solutions and education methodologies that are designed to drive impactful behavior change in physicians.



Client Benefits


  • Customized solutions to your brand needs across different stages of product lifecycle

  • Building actionable insights while executing campaign to improve physician engagement

  • Innovative solutions catering to local market needs across multiple formats

  • Content support across therapy areas by the in-house content development team and KOL network across the globe.

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Patient Education

Partnering with pharma clients to support patients in their journey of disease management resulting in increased patient compliance and ensuring better healthcare outcomes. LEARN MORE.


Brand Communication Advisory

Indegene's strategy team partners with clients to help them make right marketing decision to deliver and communicate brand message more effectively. LEARN MORE.

Product Launch

Provide an impetus to your brand launches. Blend of powerful components that will help you make the right connections with the right audiences. LEARN MORE.

Online Virtual Meetings

Readily deployable innovative platform developed by Indegene that helps pharmaceutical companies to organize virtual events. LEARN MORE.

Interactive Detailing

Delivering engaging and interactive promotional solutions for your medical rep to create conversations with HCPs in every communication using Android Tabs/i-Pad. LEARN MORE.

Indegene KOL Connect

Leading partner of pharma clients in building and deploying scientific forums of clinicians to gather insights. LEARN MORE.