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Indegene’s Aptilon™ suite of customer engagement technologies enables live, remote engagement between HCPs and biopharmaceutical sales, marketing, service, as well as medical functions. A limitation on size of field staff in many major markets is leading to inadequate coverage of customer groups. While phone based interactions are usually incomparable in effectiveness. Virtual communication technologies can be a viable solution, however the quantum or quality of HCP engagement is often not enough for the channel to be cost effective.

Aptilon LiveCentral™ makes live remote interactions possible at scale, through optimized video and screen sharing technology that can be used with a range of pre-approved or free form content, video, and digital leave behinds. It has been purpose built and extensively proven over more than 10 years in conducting rich, compliant interactions with HCPs remotely. The interactions can be made available to HCPs on demand from all manner of web, mobile, and messaging access points with just a single click and no installations of special softwares. Aptilon LiveCentral™ also manages call routing from any access point, HCP authentication, rep availability to answer an inbound contact, and many other business rules e.g. product groups, territories, therapy area teams. Aptilon LivePlanner™ enables smooth workflow management between various team members in the planning, execution, closure, and follow ups related to remote engagements.

Aptilon™ technologies are used by pharmaceutical sales reps, service reps, medical information and medical specialist reps, reimbursement support personnel, and many other types of home office, field, and contact center based professionals. On the HCP side, the technologies have been purpose built from the ground up to support instant and download/installation free experience for HCPs in all major desktop and mobile devices.

Fully cloud based and implemented in 40+ countries around the world, with more than a dozen local languages, local regulatory compliance, local data centers, and centralized 24/7 support already established, Aptilon™ is available for rapid cost effective deployment. Indegene local staff and multichannel marketing experts in its offices as well as trained resources in 6+ contact centers globally are also available as needed, to ensure successful deployment. 

Client Benefits


  • Engage HCPs live at the time and device convenient to them

  • Generate average interaction times of 8-10 minutes

  • Manage all workflow involved in planning, execution, and closure of remote engagements

  • Share approved content through a controlled environment

  • Track and audit all data

  • Provide a quick, rich and live experience to HCPs in 40+ countries across the globe

  • Multichannel-simplified
  • Scale
  • 360-multitouch
  • Unlock
  • The-Rep-Enabler
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