Medical on Demand

Connect HCPs with Medical Resources, One-Click-Away

Medical functions can now provide HCPs innovative and instant access to medical resources. Indegene has experience with many kinds of medical resources including medical education, med info, and virtual or hybrid MSLs. Our programs deliver rich customer experiences within a stringently compliant environment in which everything is auditable, and which helps unlock the value from large existing investments in expensive medical resources.

Medical Affairs Teams have used our solutions to provide their HCP customers immediate remote access to live medical information, medical specialists, medical educators, and even leading external medical experts. HCPs can access these medical resources instantly and compliantly from multiple access points including web sites, mobile apps, congress booths, as well as through company field reps.

The solutions are delivered using Indegene proprietary technology platforms Aptilon™ and Phynyx™ along with medical contact center infrastructure in areas where it is needed as well in-house medical expertise to manipulate, optimize, and even develop new content to support the HCP interactions. We can also seamlessly enable existing medical information contact centers as well field based MSLs.

Client Benefits


  • Connect HCP customers to live medical resources instantly and from multiple devices

  • Enable live interactions in multiple regions, multiple languages, and 24/7 with Virtual MSLs and Medical Information Resources

  • Leverage Indegene's in-house medical content expertise and comprehensive understanding of regulatory/compliance environments in US, EU, and Asia Pacific regions


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